Welcome to the Lytton Chinese History Museum

We celebrated our Grand Opening on May 13th, 2017.

Prior to 1881, a temple was built as a focal point for all the Chinese in the Lytton area. It served as a guest house, community meeting space, and place of religion. Kwan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy, and Shen Nong, the God of Agriculture, were among the deities honoured there.

The Lytton Chinese History Museum is a reconstruction of the 1881 Chinese Temple. Although not a functioning temple, it is a respectful of the religious significance of the earlier temple and includes an altar and area for study and meditation.

Historical displays bring recognition to the early Chinese influence in Lytton and the Fraser and Thompson Canyons, and create a greater awareness of the historic links between the Chinese community, the First Nations community and other local residents.

Lytton Chinese History Museum
145 Main St
Lytton, BC. V0K1Z0
Lorna Fandrich, Owner