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The dBASE Book

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The dBASE Book

by Ken Mayer

SECOND EDITION - electronic format

ISBN: 978-0-9812906-4-5 (electronic version)

$ 19.95 USD

This is a 25 meg pdf file requiring Adobe Acrobat Reader.

If you want to learn to develop applications in dBASE Plus, this is it!

Ken Mayer's 770 page master work takes you from installing and setting up dBASE through to deploying your completed application.

Ken's extensive knowledge of dBASE Plus, coming from years of working as a dBASE quality assurance engineer, his experience as a contributing editor to dBASE Advisor magazine and 23 years of developing dBASE applications, is passed on to you in a direct but non-technical manner. Reading The dBASE Book is like having a friend over to teach you this rapid development language.

You will learn how to design and implement your database for individual or multi-user networked scenarios, how to design and program your user interfaces, how to set up reports and how and when to implement security in your applications.

View the Table of Contents here.

You can download the source code for the examples directly from Ken's site at:

Source Code for the Second Edition (this is a 953 kb file)

You can download the Errata for this edition directly from Ken's site at:

 dBASE Book Errata Pages (Second Edition) (this is a 59 kb file)

You can download the current version of Acrobat Reader here:

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